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Flag Pole Installation

Flag Pole Installation in a Rock Boulder – The Ultimate Way to Install an Aluminum Flagpole

There is no need to dig a deep hole and fill it with concrete and a sleeve to hold your flag pole.  Make your statement of flying the flag complete by having it installed in a foundation of a rock boulder.  When you get your flag pole the standard is a sturdy 3″ diameter aluminum pole, 22 feet tall, with a wind rating of 85 mph flagged, and 120 mph unflagged.  The Rock Boulder is drilled for electrical for the light that also comes attached and comes with a 3’x5’ American Flag.  Telescoping Flag Poles are also an option.

 How to Install Your Flag Pole in Your Natural Rock Boulder

Natural rocks are not light and require the proper equipment to off-load and set them in place.  A crane or loader with forks will work fine. It is important to make sure you get the boulder level so that the hole for the pole is perpendicular to the ground before inserting the pole.  Stick a long level into the hole and hold it against the side to see if it is straight left to right.  Then put it against the back or front to make sure it is straight that way as well.  We also do this at the factory, but your ground may not be perfectly level and may need shimming to compensate.  It can be off as much as a half inch and still work.

Before inserting the pole make sure all the attachments are in place on the pole.  It is best to have at least two people to insert the pole into the hole in the rock.  Once it is upright in the hole, pour sand around the half inch gap between the pole and the walls of the hole.  One person can pour and the other hold the pole steady with a level against it.  Once the sand is full to the top pour water on the sand to settle it in place and then pour more sand to fill it up again.  Repeat this process until you cannot fit any more sand in the hole.

Examples of Flag Pole Installations in Rock Boulders

These samples of Flag Pole Installations in Rock Boulders by Natural Rock Designs are to assist you in creating your custom design on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks.  When you are ready to design your own, or have any questions, fill out the contact form below or click the Order Button.

A Flag Pole Installation in a Rock Boulder Says a Lot

When your flag pole installation is in a natural rock boulder from Natural Rock Designs, you say that you believe that the principles upon which the entity represented by that flag was founded are rock solid, worthy of our trust and hope. You make a statement to your community that you are willing to stand up and be counted. Not only are you conveying an important message to all who see your property, but you are communicating it with beauty and style.

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