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Natural Stone – Utah’s Finest Quarries

Colorful Natural Stone Directly from our Mountain Quarries


It is truly rare to find a quarry with as rich a diversity in color as our Castle Valley Stone Quarry in Utah.  Yes, this is sandstone, but it is very hard, high quality sandstone.  The diversity in color and color combinations is unmatched by any other sandstone quarry.

Many wonder, why pay money for just a rock?  They forget the resources required to harvest natural stone, boulders and rocks.  Natural stone and rocks are not light, they are very heavy and are costly to move around and transport.  Many quarries harvest rock the easy way, by blasting.  We learned long ago that such a method causes micro-fractures in the rock, resulting in long-term instability.  Natural Stone from the finest quarries turns out to be not so fine when short-term bottom line methods are used in mining it.  Although our quarries only use large track hoes to loosen and dig out the massive chunks of natural stone and rocks, it is surprising how many quarries use the destructive and environmentally damaging method of blasting.

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