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Flagpole Bases As Stone Monument Signs

Solid Natural Rock Flagpole Bases express commitment and stability.


A Flagpole Base as a Stone Monument Sign is a Most Practical Solution

Using a natural rock boulder for a stone monument sign and a flagpole base at the same time is practical in many ways.  Installation is extremely simple and uncomplicated.  It’s just a matter having the right equipment at the site at the time the transport truck arrives, lifting it off the truck and setting it where it goes.  Then it is just a matter of inserting the flagpole into the hole at the top of the rock and following our simple instructions.  Because the sign itself is a low profile monument sign it is easy to get approval from your city or county.  The cost effectiveness of this form of signage is obviously practical.

Examples of Flagpole Bases as Stone Monument Signs

These samples of Flagpole Bases as Stone Monument Signs by Natural Rock Designs are to assist you in creating  your custom design on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks.  When you are ready to design your own, or have any questions, fill out the contact form below or click on the Buy Button.

Flagpole Bases as Stone Monument Signs Inspire

Many are finding that Stone Monument Signs say what they want to say in a most effective manner.  Flagpole Bases as Stone Monument Signs by Natural Rock Designs can connect your business, or organization name with customers’ feelings of patriotism if you choose to use it to fly the flag of your country. This would be a way your business can provide a community service by increasing patriotic awareness.

Stone Flagpole Bases Come as a Complete Kit

These Flagpole Bases that serve also as Stone Monument Signs come with a sturdy 22’ aluminum flagpole, with a wind rating of 85 mph flagged, and 120 mph unflagged.  It is drilled for electrical for the attached light to illuminate the 3’x5’ American Flag which is also included.

The External Rope Aluminum Flagpole

This particular variety of aluminum flagpole has a cleat mounted to the  flagpole to tie or wrap  the rope around. The cleat is usually positioned about 5 feet above ground level to make it easily accessible and comfortable for adults, but out of the reach of small children.

This is a universal style of aluminum flag pole, used in a wide variety of applications, such as businesses, educational institutions, government buildings, religious buildings, memorials, parks, and homes.

This external system has been designed to be very simple to operate for both children and adults. Because it is very solid, without openings, the strength of this flagpole is as good as anything on the market.  This durable flagpole design produces the highest wind ratings.


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