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These photos are samples of Monuments, Headstones or Grave Markers created by Natural Rock Designs to give you ideas of what your custom Monument, Headstone or Grave Marker can look like on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks.  When you Know what you want or have any questions, click the Order Button. Our pricing is based on weight. Give us a call or email us with an approximate size of stone you are looking for and we will give you a ballpark price range. We will give you an exact cost of manufacture and shipping once you have chosen a specific rock.

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The Most Unique Custom Monuments, Headstones and Grave Markers

Natural Rock Designs has a creation process that is unique in the industry. Because we aren’t limited to pre-cut shapes from factories, but rely more on Mother Nature to shape and color our rocks from our own quarries, we can help you choose a rock or stone for your Monument, Headstone or Grave Marker that is different than any other.  You also will work with our graphic designer to create a digital representation of what your unique design will look like on your unique rock before it is actually carved in stone.

Planning for Your Natural Grave Marker

There is some important information gathering you will need to do before any serious decisions on size and design can be made.  Each cemetery has their own rules and regulations as far as height and width of the stone and width of mow strip of the concrete base.  If you are considering a double headstone for a couple, it is important to know which side the wife and the husband need to be on.  This varies based on whether the headstone faces toward the graves or away from them.  It also helps for us to have the contact information for the cemetery in order to insure we don’t create a headstone that is not allowed in that cemetery.

Portraits Engraved on Cemetery Markers

As you may have noticed in the photos above, we have developed an effective way to carve a person’s portrait into the rock of their headstone.  You will notice in photos #9 and #31 we show the original photo of the person next to how that picture was converted into line art in order to be engravable in stone.  They give you an idea of the degree of likeness we can achieve.  Some other good examples are in the last two photos.  They are the front and back of the same headstone.  The images on them were taken from photos our client provided.
If you would like us to do something like this on a headstone for you, we just need a high quality photo that has as much contrast as possible.  Because this is a time intensive process, we charge an extra $150 to do the actual digital rendering.  Once we get the portrait looking close to how we think it should look like, we will e-mail you a proof in order for you to have us alter any part of it to better reflect the personality of the person you know so well.

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