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Residential Flagpole Bases


Solid Natural Rock  •  Added Beauty  •  Expresses Commitment to what is Most Important


These samples of Residential Flagpole Bases by Natural Rock Designs are to assist you in creating your custom design on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks.  When you are ready to design your own, or have any questions, fill out the contact form below or click on the Order Button.

Natural Rock Residential Flagpole Bases come with a sturdy 22’ aluminum flagpole, with a wind rating of 85 mph flagged, and 120 mph unflagged.  It is drilled for electrical for the light that also comes attached and comes with a 3’x5’ American Flag.

Natural Rock Boulders make Perfect Residential Flagpole Bases

We at Natural Rock Designs  believe that the most powerful way to express an idea we are passionate about is to carve it in stone.  We feel passionate about the principles upon which our country was founded.  When you buy a Natural Rock Boulder as a Residential Flagpole Base you join us and our other customers in reminding our neighbors that there is still hope and trust in those principles.

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