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Stone Monument Signs for Business

Natural Beauty • Symbolizes Integrity and Stability • Hurricane Resistant

Stone Monument Signs say a lot about a Business

A Stone Monument Sign for your Business is a bold statement that you believe that your business really does have the integrity that  having a Stone Monument Sign infers.  What really makes it nice is the installation.  Every rock sign comes completely ready to set in place and that is all that is involved, except some landscaping around it.  We drill holes through the bottom of the rock, which houses rebar that sticks out front and back.  We halo the rock with rebar that is attached to those ends and then pour concrete around the rock, making a very strong, reinforced concrete base that allows the rock sign to be self standing.   At Natural Rock Designs we also use techniques in our artistry that are unique to the industry.  Also see our Flickr page.

 Gallery for Stone Monument Signs for Business

These photos are samples of Stone Monument Signs for Businesses Natural Rock Designs has created, to give you ideas of what your custom sign can look like on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks. When you Know what you want or have any questions, fill out the order form below or click the Order Button.

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A Stone Monument Sign is just the thing your organization deserves, an Entrance Sign that reflects the integrity of your business.  Natural Rock Designs makes these business signs with unique artistry on colorful rock.  These  Monument Signs are becoming a very popular way to identify a business.  They can come with a reinforced concrete base, so they are ready to set in place, making installation very simple.  They can also come without a base and just lean against something to stand.  People choose this option usually to save money.  You could also set it in a concrete base yourself on site.  Also visit our Flickr page.

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What Kind of Stone is This?

Our stone signs are usually sandstone. Some, however, are hard, durable limestone and even granite. Contrary to what many believe, not all sandstones are the same.  Often people believe that sandstone is soft and does not hold up well over time.  Actually, although you can find sandstone that crumbles in your hands, there are many varieties that range from that soft to sandstone that is nearly as hard as granite. It all depends on what type of cementing material was involved in its formation and how much heat and pressure it was exposed to as it was forming under the surface. Probably 80% of our signs come from a quarry of quartzitic sandstone. The cementing material of this type of sandstone is silica and the grains are mostly quartz, which is the hardest part of granite. It has not been heated and pressed enough to become metamorphic, but closer than most.  Many of the stone signs being made out in the market place are of limestone.  This quartzitic sandstone is much more durable, making it one of the most durable materials for signs in the market place today.

Stone Sign Shipping and Installation

For customers who live more than 100 miles from us,  signs will come  on a truck.  For rocks that weigh over 800 lbs. you will likely need a fork lift or crane to offload and set it.  Straps can be used to lower it into place or just use the forks. If you need further assistance on how to handle this, you can call our office and someone with experience can advise you. That number is 208-847-1774.