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Natural Beauty • Symbolizes Integrity and Stability • Hurricane Resistant

The Ultimate in Stone Signs

If you are considering a stone sign, why not get the very best.  The stone we use is the most colorful and is very hard and durable.  Natural Rock Designs carves the image deep into the surface of impressive stone to insure lasting durability and to convey the image of permanence.  Our design team can make your logo look it’s very best or even design a custom design or logo for the sign.  Check out the examples of stone signs we have created and feel confident that we can provide the ultimate stone sign for you.

Stone Signs • Rock Signs Gallery

The categories below show samples of Rock Signs or Stone Signs by Natural Rock Designs to assist you in creating your own custom design on a rock you choose from our inventory of blanks.  When you Know what you want or have any questions, fill out the contact form below with as much information about what you want as possible. It is important that we know the size and zip code it is going to if you want any idea of pricing. If you can also describe what design you have in mind and even attach graphics or logo we can superimpose a possible design on a photo of a possible rock to give you an idea of how the process works. You can also get a good idea of the process by clicking the order button.

Monument Signs Carved In Stone

House Sign Carved In Stone

Farm Sign – Ranch Sign Carved In Stone

Rock Fountain Sign

Architectural Signage Carved In Stone

Rock Sign Blanks

One of a Kind Rock Signs

Each one of Natural Rock Designs’ Rock Signs or Stone Signs is handcrafted after it is designed on the computer.  So, not only is every beatutiful rock unique, every design is as well, even though the same image may be used.  Natural Rock Designs creates Rock Signs and Stone Signs that GET NOTICED.

No Guessing With Our Stone Sign design

Another advantage of having NaturalRockDesigns create your Rock Sign or Stone Sign is the way we allow you to participate in the creation process.  We will not carve any design into a rock until you have seen a digital representation of what it will look like.  Click the Buy Button to see how it’s done.


What Type of Stone is Used?

These stone signs are mostly made of sandstone, although we do some in a hard, durable limestone and some granite. Often, sandstone is viewed as a soft rock that will not hold up to harsh weather conditions. However, sandstone can be found in a wide range of hardness, depending on how much heat and pressure it has undergone while under the surface of the crust over millions of years before being quarried. The sandstone us use most comes from a quarry of quartzitic sandstone. This is a type of sandstone in which most of the grains are quartz and the cementing material is silica. It has not been heated and pressed enough to become quartzite, but is an intermediate between normal sandstone and quartzite, making it very durable in any environmental condition.


Natural Stone Signs Come Complete, Ready to Install

Unless otherwise requested, these stone signs come in a reinforced concrete base. All that is needed to install them is setting them in the place prepared. They can be set into a hole cut out in the shape and depth of the base, so the top of the base is ground level. It is then easy to cover it with ground cover to hide it. Some just set it on the surface, which allows the concrete base to be shown. Either way is fine. It is just a matter of personal preference. If, for some reason, you want the sign without a base, that is also an option. You will save on the cost of the concrete base and the absence of the extra weight on the concrete base will save you on shipping costs.

The process of putting a rock in a concrete base involves drilling holes in the bottom of the rock from front to back and inserting rebar through those holes, so the pieces of rebar stick out the front and back enough to longer strips of rebar parallel to the face of the rock on both sides. Concrete is then poured around the bottom of the rock to form the base of the sign, allowing it to stand on its own.


Stone Sign Shipping and Installation

If you live more than 100 miles from our shop, your sign will come to you on a truck. If it weighs over 800 lbs. you will likely need a fork lift of crane to offload and set it. You can either use straps to lower it into place or just use the forks. If you need further assistance on how to handle this, you can call our office and someone with experience can advise you. That number is 208-847-1774.

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